The Culture Issue

Culture is a uniting force that brings people together under a common identity through visible and invisible social norms. These forces are not limited within the confines of national boundaries, but can often appear in less conspicuous environments like organisations and companies.

One of the pillars of the CEMS Mission Statement focuses on the value of understanding and drawing upon cultural diversity with respect and empathy. By being mindful of our own national, organisational and personal identities as well as those of others around us, we open up a wealth of opportunities for growth and evolution that can have an enormous positive impact on business and society as a whole.

This issue of the CEMS Magazine is dedicated to understanding the topic of culture by exploring the important role culture plays in our organisations, companies and society. In this issue, CEMS Corporate Partners show us what they are doing to cultivate a shared corporate culture through hiring and operating practices. We will explore the essential strategic role the HR function plays in managing culture in times of organic and inorganic growth. We will then guide you outside of the business environment to explore the impact that diversity can have on an iconic national institution and the impact that industry can have on the identity of generations in Asia.

We will then discover the quiet revolution taking place within our institutions which are recognising the need to step away from purely financial incentives to focus on self-fulfillment as the end game to attract and retain talent, while understanding the internal conflicts that take place when we are faced with confronting the multiple cultural identities we hold within our own selves.

Culture is not a static phenomenon, but one that is in constant evolution. Sharing a common culture can create incredibly strong bonds and beliefs that can lead to exceptional results. However, we must consistently strive to understand our own cultural biases when working with individuals whose belief system differs from ours and leverage these different points of view. In this capacity, we will be able to work together as a global community that contributes to a better world.