Monthly Archives: September 2020

The Future of Work Issue

Automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and other tectonic shifts in technology and customer expectations are radically re-shaping the way we work. Meanwhile, boundaries between our...

Building tomorrow land

When DHL Consulting was asked to assess its parent company’s readiness for digitisation and shifting employee expectations it was the perfect opportunity to institute...

The impact of Covid-19 on the future of work

Disruptive business models and cutting-edge technology are a sign of a booming economy. But now disruption has come from a new and totally unexpected source, one which is affecting all countries and all economies – Covid-19

Future-proofing a tradition (despite the pandemic)

When a long-established wine-maker came to CEMS looking to update its sustainability strategy, no one counted on Coronavirus derailing the project. But it would take more than a pandemic to stop this team.

Diversity & Inclusion 2.0

Kearney’s new Global Leader of Culture and Inclusion is taking diversity to a new level, backed by science.

How do you leverage artificial intelligence to drive new solutions? Just ask Daimler

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are emerging as frontrunner digital tools in the future transformation of work. The power to process data, overcome obstacles and...

Rewriting the future of work

One CEMS student’s Master’s thesis on the future of work has opened the door to an opportunity to work for her country’s Permanent Mission.

People analytics and the future of work

Deloitte ran a country-wide survey into people data in Switzerland earlier this year. CEMS sat down with Deloitte’s Veronica Melian and Tiina Pokkinen to...

Redefining leadership for tomorrow

Has the leader-centric approach had its day? Aalto and CEMS at Aalto offer an innovative and novel course to help prepare future leaders to...